“STHIQ Society” was founded on May 10, 2011, by Gaetano Morelli, with the aim to bring together intellectually highly gifted people with an IQ belonging to the 99.9th percentile (IQ 146.4 SD=15).
STHIQ provides an intellectual private space on the web, in which its members can share ideas, knowledge, opinions, projects, etc.

Available memberships:

  • full member:  IQ belonging to 99.9th percentile
  • prospective member:  IQ belonging to 99.5th percentile
  • honorary member:  president of other well known and appreciated high IQ societies

In order to become a member of STHIQ, you have to get qualifying iq-scores in at least two different tests among the ones we have selected (visit our Admission => requirements page).

This is not a “vanity group“, so we encourage you to join STHIQ only if concretely interested in our activities.

The word “STHIQ” is the acronym of “Space Time High Intelligence Quotient”, which derives from the name of the 4 dimension structure of the universe, the “Space-Time”, described in the “Theory of Relativity” (by Albert Einstein), that is certainly one of the greatest expressions of human intelligence.

people who may provide evidence of intellectual performances widely higher than STHIQ’s requirements are invited to evaluate the possibility of joining also “Ksthiq”, high IQ society (IQ rarity = 1:1.000.000) “K” times (1000 times) more selective than “STHIQ”.

Since Jan 2012 STHIQ is affiliated with World Intelligence Network  –   WIN

(31st WIN Member Society)


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