“KSTHIQ Society” was founded on Jul 12, 2015, by Gaetano Morelli, with the aim to bring together people with exceptionally high IQ. KSTHIQ is an international community for people who can provide evidence of an intelligence performance expected from 1/1.000.000 of the unselected population (IQ 171,3 SD=15).
KSTHIQ provides an intellectual private space on the web, in which its members can share ideas, knowledge, opinions, projects, etc.

Available memberships:

  • regular membership:  IQ belonging to 99,9999th percentile (rarity 1:1.000.000)
  • prospective membership: IQ belonging to 99,9995th percentile (rarity 1:200.000)
  • elite membership:  IQ belonging to 99,99999th percentile (rarity 1:10.000.000)

In order to become a member of KSTHIQ, you need a qualifying iq-score in at least 1 IQ test among the ones we have selected (visit our Admission => requirements page).

KSTHIQ Society is affiliated to STHIQ Society. The name “KSTHIQ” indicates that the admission criterion of this group is “K” times (1000 times) more selective than the one of “STHIQ” (99,9999th vs 99,9th percentile).