Q: Are verbal IQ tests accepted in KSTHIQ?
A: No verbal test is accepted, without any exception: therefore, please, do not send us admission requests if you present “only” verbal tests. By “verbal test” we mean a test that is totally or mainly based on verbal items.

Q: When does a membership expire?
A: Never: each membership is a lifetime membership. There is only one possible exception: any inappropriate or offensive behavior will determine the immediate cancellation of the membership.

Q: What are the main differences among regular members, prospective members and elite members?
A: Regular members, prospective members and elite members have the same rights. Therefore, they have full access to our discussion groups and our activities, without any difference. The membership status (if different from “elite”) may change in case of new evidences of iq-score (in tests accepted for admission to KSTHIQ) equal or higher than the cut-off related to a more selective membership. Any change of membership status is always at the will of either the president or the membership officer.
Our membership certificates explicitely indicate the membership status.
Honorary memberships are not available in KSTHIQ.

Q: Is there a membership certificate in KSTHIQ?
A: Yes, each member will receive his own membership certificate, once accepted in KSTHIQ (the certificate will be sent within about one week).
Different certificates are available for each membership status (regular, prospective or elite).
Our certificates have been created by Gaetano Morelli (founder of KSTHIQ).

Q: I got a sufficient score in a test not included in your list of accepted tests; can I join KSTHIQ using this score?
A: It depends on the test and on the date of scoring. For further information, please contact us at admission.k@sthiq.com .