In order to join KSTHIQ Society, you have to provide evidence of a valid IQ score obtained in a test accepted for admission.
No verbal test is accepted in KSTHIQ.
No online-timed test is accepted in KSTHIQ.

Memberships and requirements:
  • elite membership: IQ belonging to 99,99999th percentile (178 sd15)
  • regular membership:   IQ belonging to 99.9999th percentile  (171,3 sd15)
  • prospective membership: IQ belonging to 99.9995th percentile (166,3 sd15)

List of some tests accepted to join KSTHIQ:
  • 916-Test (mixed items)
  • Algebrica (numerical)
  • Advanced spatial intelligence test – ASIT (spatial)
  • Elementary (numerical)
  • ESOTERICA (spatial)
  • GENE Numerical I (numerical)
  • GENE Numerical II (numerical)
  • GENE Numerical III (numerical)
  • GENE Numerical IV (numerical)
  • Hoeflin Power Test (test taken before 2000) (mixed items)
  • Logima Strictica 36 (spatial)
  • LSHR (spatial)
  • LSHR Classic (spatial)
  • LSHR Light (spatial)
  • MATHODICA 22 (logical)
  • Mega Test (test taken before April 25, 1999) (mixed items)
  • Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination (NVCPE)
  • Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination – Revised (NVCP-R)
  • Numerus (test taken before Apr 2015) (numerical)
  • Numerus Classic (test taken before Apr 2015) (numerical)
  • Simplex (spatial)
  • Simtollect (numerical)
  • SPEED (spatial)
  • Strict Logic Spatial Examination 48 (test taken before 2015) (spatial)
  • Strict Logic Sequences Examination form I (test taken before 2015) (numerical)
  • Strict Logic Sequences Examination form II (test taken before 2015) (numerical)
  • Test for genius – long form (mixed items)
  • TetrastIQ Light (numerical) (only for prospective membership)
  • Tractatus Logicus 37 (spatial)

Other tests may be accepted; please, contact us at
In any case, acceptance is always at the will of either the Admissions Officer or the President

Note: memberships in other High IQ Societies are not accepted to join KSTHIQ