Admission to STHIQ Society requires evidence of valid IQ scores obtained in at least 2 tests (chosen among the ones selected by our admission-staff): 1 “spatial test” and 1 “logical or numerical test”. Tests containing mixed items are valid for any category (spatial or logical-numerical).
No verbal test is accepted in STHIQ.
No online-timed test is accepted in STHIQ.

Note: our minimum requirements (top 0.1% for full membership, top 0.5% for prospective membership) must be reached in each test, individually (so the mean of the two scores is not taken into account).

Memberships and requirements:
  • full membership:   IQ belonging to 99.9th percentile  (146.4 sd15)
  • prospective membership:   IQ belonging to 99.5th percentile (138.6 sd15)
  • honorary membership:   presidents of some high IQ societies may join STHIQ as “Honorary
    Members”. Only well known and appreciated high IQ societies will be taken into account
    for this kind of membership.

List of some tests accepted to join STHIQ:
  • 916-Test (mixed items)
  • Algebrica (numerical)
  • Advanced spatial intelligence test – ASIT (spatial)
  • Elementary (numerical)
  • ENNDT (numerical)
  • ESOTERICA (spatial)
  • GENE Numerical I (numerical)
  • GENE Numerical II (numerical)
  • GENE Numerical III (numerical)
  • GENE Numerical IV (numerical)
  • Hoeflin Power Test (test taken before 2000) (mixed items)
  • Logima Strictica 36 (spatial)
  • LSHR (spatial)
  • LSHR Classic (spatial)
  • LSHR Light (spatial)
  • MATHODICA 22 (logical)
  • Mega Test (test taken before April 25, 1999) (mixed items)
  • Numerus (test taken before Apr 2015) (numerical)
  • Numerus Classic (test taken before Apr 2015) (numerical)
  • Numerus Light (numerical)
  • Numerus Light 2 (numerical)
  • Plane&Space&Numbers – PSN (mixed items)
  • Simplex (spatial)
  • Simtollect (numerical)
  • SPEED (spatial)
  • Strict Logic Spatial Examination 48 (spatial – test taken before 2015)
  • Strict Logic Sequences Examination form I (numerical – test taken before 2015)
  • Strict Logic Sequences Examination form II (numerical – test taken before 2015)
  • Test for genius – long form (mixed items)
  • TetrastIQ Light (numerical)
  • Tractatus Logicus 37 (spatial)

Other tests may be accepted; please, contact us at  STHIQ – Officer
In any case, acceptance is always at the will of either the Admissions Officer or the President

memberships in other High IQ Societies are not accepted to join STHIQ


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